The Orthodox Church is evangelical, but not Protestant.
It is orthodox, but not Jewish.
It is catholic, but not Roman.
It isn’t non-denominational – it is pre-denominational.
It has believed, taught, preserved, defended and died for the Faith of the Apostles since the Day of Pentecost 2000 years ago.

What is Orthodoxy?

To answer that question we have provided a list of trusted resources and recommended videos about the Orthodox faith, however it is always best to speak face to face. Please consider contacting us and scheduling a meeting to discuss your questions.


Ancient Faith Radio
A collection of podcasts about all things Orthodox.
A list of podcasts specifically relevant to those looking into the Orthodox church.

The Orthodox Faith
Short and concise articles dealing with common questions about the Orthodox faith.

Journey to Orthodoxy
A collection of stories of people from other faith traditions who have joined the Orthodox Church.